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candy crane

Candy Crane


1800,00 € (Excluding tax)


A claw crane consists of many parts, but the basic components are a printed circuit board (PCB), power supply, currency detector, credit/timer display, joystick, wiring harness, bridge assembly, and claw. The claw has two or more fingers, although most claws have three.

The cabinet is usually constructed of medium-density fiberboard. Some cabinets are made of aluminum alloy, which makes it easier to relocate as well as cheaper to produce.

The window at the front of the machine is normally made of glass or a cheaper-to-manufacture substitute, such as acrylic. The marquee is a branded graphic behind a Plexiglass front.



Product Description

Technical details
• Crane with glasses
Height 179 * Widght 61 * Depth 75 cm.

Respect the CE norm.

Additional Information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 75 x 61 x 179 cm

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