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Babyfoot Adrenaline


1049,00 € (Excluding tax)

These new baby foot approved for competitions were conducted with technical advice and input from top professional players on the international stage. Adrenalin & Kombat can be used for all events of ITSF.

New techniques employed allow outstanding performances and great playability. All tables are certified as official with an authenticity number. The main body of the table is a structure of a single poplar multilayer made block surrounded by MDF reinforcements on both sides. This material ensures high resistance to your Foosball.

Product Description

The upper outer parts are covered with extruded anodized aluminum alloy 6060, immutable in time, that protects and preserves the wooden parts from humidity and the effects of the sun. The metal legs 90×90 mm square section painted with epoxy powder are adjustable with a rubber suction cup and reinforced cross bar for perfect stability. The bars of 18 mm diameter are chrome coated steel and maintained in their housing with molded plastic sleeves specially developed high strength.

This material is automatically lubricated for optimum sliding and limit the strength of the wrist. Traditional springs have been replaced by rubber bumpers innovative mixture ensuring a perfect absorption of shocks, and calibrated to eliminate any inaccessible area in the game. Players are molded in polypropylene directly on the rods and have rounded feet improve contact with the ball. They are black and gray. Much attention has been placed in the design of anti hand perspiration rubber handles, without outer edge to allow for perfect grip moon. points of the counters are of international standard players showing the points and games played. Weight in 10 kg of metal are placed on the inner lower portions of the side portions, to increase stability and to prevent the lifting table for the game.

Additional Information

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 135 x 110 x 91 cm

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