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candy vending machines

Created on 1996, NICEMATIC offers a range of the most complete machines, games and related products..

All the NICEMATIC team wishes you a good navigation on the site and we remain at your disposal for any information, application rates and we thank all of you for your visit.


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Mechanical & Automatic Distributors – Claw Crane – Kiddie Rides – Air Hockey – Baby Foot – Gadget – Used

Any investment that back! Discover our new formula to improve the reception of your customers and increase your revenue without any investment. 

– NICEMATIC offers a range drops machinery and products for sale.
– NICEMATIC you free team putting on deposit in your business or institution one or more devices for your customer base and its application.
– NICEMATIC receives only a portion of the profits generated by the provision of equipment, you keep the balance of revenue, resulting in a marked improvement in your sales.

And when you be with you?

The whole team NICEMATIC hope you enjoy browsing the site and we remain at your disposal for any information, application rates, and we thank you in advance for your visit.

NICEMATIC is the company specializing in trading the equipment for entertainment parks, in particular various types of entertainment machines and attraction equipment.

Among our best-selling products we suggest the following: bille de chew gum, boule de chew gum – chewing gum distribution machines. Children are more than excited to use them, via the machines the usual process of getting chewing gums will become a real adventure for both children and grown-ups.

The second group of our goods comprises automatic distribution equipment (distributeur automatique de capsule and distribution automatic machines, as well as capsule vending machines). Did you ever think why automatic distribution machines are so popular throughout the whole world? First of all, they do not require men’s labour, but, perhaps, the main reason is that technical means have always been a mystery for children and a challenge for adults.

Think of what made you happy in your childhood. Wasn’t it a great excitement to go to merry-go-rounds or children playgrounds? Children love our kiddie ride machines! We suggest a large variety of kiddie rides to meet expectations and preferences of all children.

For older children we also have a variety of products, among them baby foot equipment andair hockey. In order to make your entertainment place really successful, you need to get those!
And last, but not least, the equipment which you can order from us also includes crane machines! The feeling of anticipation for a nice toy and the joy, if a child is lucky to get one, cannot be compared with anything!

As for locations where our equipment can be installed, the so-called location de menage, there are great many of them: you can place one of the machines in the trade center, at the supermarket, at amusement and entertainment parks, you can take the machines and set them at particular events for children, at play grounds, even business centers.

NICEMATIC proved to be successful due to relations with clients and the constant strive to fulfil all expectations and to provide highest-quality goods.

Become our client and you will never be disappointed!

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