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Boxer is an amusement machine activated by inserting coins that measures up strength of the punch. Designed for indoor and outdoor use in amusement parks, fairs, pubs, cinemas, etc. It was very well welcomed in sea resorts, amusement parks, entertainment centres, discos, clubs, pubs and shopping centres.

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Description du produit

Software settings and features
• Volume
• Power correction
• Best score limit, drop delay, drop value and reset
• Credits settings and reset
• Ticket dispenser settings
• Free-play mode
• Restore default settings
• Displays, Sound and Illumination
• Red LED scores and credits display
• LED illuminated policarbonate glass
• Built-in 5,5’’ speaker
• Internal amplifier
• Currency
• Wide range of supported acceptors
• Works with all kind of bills, coins and tokens
• Works with both coin- and bill- acceptor at the same time
• 1000 coin capacity moneybox
• Body, Glass and Mechanism
• Secure mechanism cover
• Ball release: servo-mechanism
• Glass made from single piece polycarbonate
• Body made of gel coated fiberglass
• Safety locks
• Optional Equipment and Extensions
• Bill-acceptor
• Ticket dispenser
• SMS acceptor
• Coupon printer
• Electrical and Operating Details
• Wide range of supported voltage (90V – 240V)
• Low power consumption (35W peak)
• Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
• Only LED light sources ensure low power consumption

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