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S.A.S. NICEMATIC company, capital 15 000 Euros
Registration number : 408 427 078 00014 R.C.S.
French VAT (TVA) number : 41 408 427 078
393 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 06000 Nice – France
fix : +33 (0) 4 92 15 06 97
port : +33 (0) 6 09 07 05 88

Please send your cheque, mail or package to :
393 Boulevard de la Madeleine
06000 Nice

Open every day, 8 am to 6 pm (France GMT+1), saturday and sunday closed.

Any questions ?

If you have more questions send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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NICEMATIC provides a wide variety of goods for attraction, amusement and entertainment parks, children playgrounds, as well as children’s sections in trade and business centers, department stores. Our goods include all that you can locate at your business. In particular, different types of automatic vending machines, like bubble-gum, capsules vending machines. Being a great joy for children and adults, the mentioned machines will prosper your business. Just contact us in the form below and we will deliver the products. Different types of kiddie rides, and kiddie ride of various forms will be suitable for children playgrounds for smaller children, and as for grown-ups the most preferable are baby foot, air hockey and crane machines, which are a great joy and amusement.

In case if you are interested to provide a part of happiness for children and to boost your business, just fill in the form below. Via the form you can also send us your questions and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

During the years of work at the market we have proved to be a serious and reliable company. Our clients enjoy first-quality services and goods due to our professionalism and commitment.

The form below is very simple and user-friendly, in contains obligatory fields with your details and the field with a question, which you would like to ask. Simply fill it in and we will contact you. You can also become the partner of Nicematic and enjoy all the benefits and preferences of our partnership. We can export our products to your country, so that you will get them in your business place without any additional activities from your side.
Want to boost your business and give joy by means of our baby foot, air hockey or crane machines? The company that can provide them to you is right here! Just contact us!

In case if you want to enjoy our first-quality services or simply want to ask a question, please, don’t hesitate and contact us immediately!


Contact us on Skype using the following nicname: NICEMATIC

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